I’m always looking for commissions to help with tuition costs, every little bit helps!

PLEASE Don’t be afraid to drop a question about commissions in my ask! I’ll gladly answer silly questions.

                 FANDOM FRIENDLY COMMISSIONS! If you ship it, I can draw it!

  •             +$5 for every character after the initial two
  •             +$5 For special details and complex backgrounds
  •               $5 for quick, clean doodles/redraws

                                               To Commission:

If you would like to contact me about commissions please email orjohnson@comcast.net with references and details about your commission. Once we decide on poses and such I will send a rough sketch to be confirmed and then we can talk payment.


At this time I am only accepting Paypal out of greedy convenience to myself.


REQUESTS ARE STILL AVAILABLE! If you’re dead broke drop a request in my ask and I might slide you a doodle or two. Just cause you can’t pay doesn’t mean I don’t want to draw it! —->check out Requests info

As a gentle plea to fellow artists out there, a little signal boost never hurt anyone. I have under 100 followers and would greatly appreciate the help.